About alfer®

About alfer®


In the heart of Europe

Nestled between the Upper Rhine and the Southern Black Forest is the Wutachtal Valley. Close to both Switzerland and France, this has been home to many world leading aluminium specialists for decades. Today, it is Europe’s largest connected economic area for the production and processing of aluminium. It is therefore unsurprising that the region is also known as the ‘Aluminium Valley’. This is also the place where the alfer® success story began in 1973 in Wutöschingen, Baden-Württemberg. Since then, alfer® has used this site to develop a whole range of aluminium profiles, primarily for DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople, which set even international standards.

Made by alfer®: own production

At alfer®, highly modern and partly automated machines and equipment are used for production. Due to consistent implementation of an 'insource strategy' in the last few years, more and more production methods are being installed and implemented at alfer®. alfer® now has a wide range of know-how in many areas of production technology such as sawing, stamping, cutting and forming as well as surface finishing methods involving coating, immersion and foliation, and the manufacture of products using injection moulding and extrusion. alfer® can therefore guarantee the highest level of quality.


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Metal profiles for demanding DIY enthusiasts and highly experienced professionals

alfer® has stood for this for many years. With this experience, the company can guarantee a reliable, stable and innovative range of profiles and semi-finished products made from aluminium, steel, brass and plastic. There is good reason why alfer® claims to be the market leader in aluminium profiles in Europe – this status is proven by the trust shown by many customers.


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The people behind the alfer® brand

Since it was founded in 1973, alfer® has been driven forward by Managing Director Thomas Wilbs. The people behind the brand live out the DIY philosophy even more so than ever and provide a constant stream of new ideas to ensure continual innovations for DIY enthusiasts and make DIY products both continually easier to use and more and more fun.