combitech® system | coaxis®

combitech® system | coaxis®


A further addition to the combitech® system is the coaxis® profile. This consists of four hollow chambers coaxially located around the core. The special design of the aluminium profiles ensure excellent longitudinal and lateral stability with the lowest weight. Equipped with drill alignment holes, the profiles are extremely simple to use and the angle bracket and hook can even be installed without drilling, using simply a square nut and screw. The profiles are ideal for use in damp areas and can even be used in the garden thanks to their weather-resistance.

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New coaxis® column profile

from 4.85 *

New coaxis® profile, narrow

from 2.85 *

New coaxis® profile, wide

from 7.19 *

New coaxis® cover strip

from 1.59 *

New coaxis® fixing bracket

from 2.85 *

New coaxis® stop profile

from 7.29 *

New coaxis® fastening flange

from 2.39 *

New coaxis® support profile

from 5.29 *

New coaxis® hinge

from 4.65 *

New coaxis® pivoting hinge

from 4.85 *

New coaxis® shelf support

from 2.85 *

New coaxis® universal hook

from 1.69 *

New coaxis® storage system

from 1.45 *

New coaxis® suspension plate

from 3.75 *

New coaxis® shelf board

from 7.79 *

New coaxis® adjustable foot

from 3.29 *

New coaxis® furniture caster

from 1.45 *

New coaxis® end cap, flat

from 0.89 *

New coaxis® end cap, round

from 0.89 *

New coaxis® end cap, narrow

from 0.79 *

New coaxis® drilling jig

from 74.04 *

New coaxis® wall hook

from 1.45 *

New coaxis® wheel holder

from 3.29 *
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